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When to Turn to Child Helpline?

All communications related to children, topics concerning children, or when it is necessary to report a child in need of help are welcome. Those contacting the Helpline can be both children themselves and adults - parents, relatives, professionals, neighbors, friends, acquaintances, all people who care.

First, our counselors identify the reason for the communication and share advice and instructions on how to act in the situation. If necessary, the information is forwarded to other specialists, such as child protection workers or the police, so that a child in need or in danger can receive help as quickly as possible and in the best way that protects the child.

Child Helpline can be contacted on all topics related to children:

  • issues related to children's mental health and well-being;

  • self-harming behavior (self-injury, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders);

  • child abuse (mental, physical, sexual);

  • conflicts and quarrels between children and parents;

  • bullying at home, at school, in hobby clubs, in training, on the Internet;

  • children's internet use and safety;

  • parenting issues;

  • parents' divorce and custody issues;

  • conflicts between children and young people and problems at school, at home, and in hobby clubs;

  • the use of addictive substances;

  • neglected, homeless, or begging child;

  • domestic violence in the presence of a child (both mental and physical violence).

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